Some key knowledge about Cemented Carbide -Definitions of Physical Properties



The hardness of material is defined as the ability to fight against the hard Pressed into surface of the object.Mainly using measurements of Rockwell and vickers. As the principles of the Vickers and Rockwell tests are different, care must be taken when converting from one system to the other.

*Coercive Field Strength

Coercive field strength is a measure of the residual magnetism in the hysteresis loop when the cobalt (Co) binder in grade of cemented carbide is magnetized and then demagnetized. It can be used to assess the status of alloy organization .The finer the grain size of the carbide phase the higher will be the coercive force value .

* Magnetic Saturation

Magnetic Saturation : is the ratio of magnetic intensity to quality . Magnetic Saturation measurements on the cobalt (Co) binder phase in cemented carbide are used by industry to evaluate it’s composition.Low magnetic Saturation values indicate a low carbon level and or the presence of Eta-phase carbide.high magnetic saturation values indicate the presence of “free carbon”or Graphite.


The Density (specific gravity)of a material is the ratio of it’s volume .It is measured using a water displacement technique.Cemented carbide density decreases linearly with increasing cobalt content for the Wc-Co grades.

*Transverse Rupture Strength

Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS)is the ability of material to resist bending.measured at the breaking point of a material in a standard three point bend test.

*Metallographic Analysis

Cobalt Lakes will bond after sintering , excess cobalt may exist in certain area of the structure.forming the cobalt pool, if bonding phase is incompletely adhesive, there will form some residual pores, Cobalt pools and porosity can be detected by using metallographic microscope.


Carbide Rods Processing Introduction

1: Cutting

 In addition to the standard length of 310 or 330 mm, we can provide carbide rods cutting service of any standard length or special length

2: Tolerance

Fine grinding tolerance can be ground to h5/h6 tolerance, other fine grinding tolerance requirements can be processed according to your drawings

3: Chamfer

Can provide cemented carbide rods  chamfering service to improve your processing efficiency

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