Five questions to know before quickly choosing the most suitable product

Before you choose our cemented carbide products, if you tell us your needs in these five aspects, our technicians will quickly recommend the most suitable materials and products for you. This will greatly save you time and cost. At the same time, cemented carbide materials and tools will also achieve the best processing performance.

Q: Are you processing metal or woodworking? What is the processed material?

A: Our company has more than 30 kinds of cemented carbide grades, and each grade has its most suitable processing conditions. After grasping your processing object, our technicians can accurately match the most suitable material for you , Let the material achieve the best performance.

Q: Do you need to purchase tungsten carbide materials or carbide cutting tools?

A: Our company is divided into two categories of products according to the product form, cemented carbide materials and cemented carbide tools. Material products include cemented carbide rods, cemented carbide plates, carbide for mould and die and various cemented carbide blanks,etc .

The carbide tools  are mainly carbide cutting tools used in various fields. After clarifying the needs, we will have a professional team to provide you with one-to-one 24-hour service.

Q: Do you have special high requirements for the processing accuracy &tolerence of the products?

A: Generally speaking, we process according to international standard dimensional tolerances, which can meet the requirements of most customers. However, if you have special requirements for product dimensional tolerances, please let us know in advance, because the product prices and delivery time will be different.

Q: What brand and grade of carbide material you are using now ?

A:If you can provide the brand of the cemented carbide you are using now, info about chemical properties, physical properties, our technicians will quickly and accurately match the best material for you.

Q: The quality stability and leading time

A: Our company is a professional cemented carbide company that produces from tungsten carbide raw materials to finished products by our own factory,  so every link of production is controlled by ourselves. Our company operates strictly in accordance with the ISO2000 quality system certification, which can ensure the stability of the quality of each product. Standard products can be shipped within 3 days, and customized products can be shipped within 25 days.